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Telling your story

with my photography

so that you can relive them.

I work ideally with natural light and with a journalistic mind set.
I usually ask people not to pose, but I try to capture people 'as they are'.


Real moments


Real love


Real laughs

Hello there! I'm Karina...


Random things I love: chocolate • dancing like no one is watching • the smell (and taste) of popcorn • movies • the moon and the stars • sunsets • travelling • looking for the best cheeseburger ever • cold beer • rock • hugs • harry potter • star wars • the beatles • books • almost famous • before sunrise • musicals • sci-fi • cartoons • friends (both the series and my actual ones) • movies and series (have I mentioned that?) • kung-fu • music • the sea • van gogh • snow

even more about me
5 Terre

All you need is love

... and ice cream
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